Three Arguments That Support The American Revolution

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At one point, the British didn’t even let colonists -British citizens- have a fair right to trial because so many colonial rights were taken away! To pay for the French-Indian war, Britain made the colonists pay taxes on almost everything, without any form of colonist consent. When the colonists got mad and rebelled , Britain began to punish the colonists by taking away colonial rights , so Americans got tired of it and began protesting and eventually started a revolution. The American revolution was more about civil liberties than economic rights. Three arguments that support that the American revolution was about civil liberties are cancelation of self-government, taxation without representation, and the forcing of colonists to provide for British soldiers. The first reason the American revolution was about civil liberties was the cancellation of self-government. To punish angry colonists, the British made the Massachusetts government act which annulled all colonial power in American government. This includes even taking away power at own meetings. (Doc 6) This let England take control of all self-government…show more content…
According to Document 5, Colonists were forced to pay for British soldiers to protect colonies that didn’t need protecting because of the Quartering act. Colonists had to pay money -their hard earned cash- to provide housing, transportation, and food to obey this law. Some Colonists even had to give up their own beds to not get penalized for not obeying this ridiculous law. This evidence further explains why civil liberties is a cause of the American revolution because Britain took the away basic liberty to have the privacy of their owns homes. This is a complete violation of inalienable rights all people should have, and the colonists wanted to get away from the tranny that took
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