Solution Essay: The American Dream

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The American Dream has the nationality ethos of the United States. It is a collection of goals that everyone born in America has freedom, equal opportunity for prosperity and upward social mobility. They can achieve through hard work in a society with few obstacles. However, the fact is cruel. Nowadays, America’s economic inequality is growing. The federal treasury is in danger, and the American political system does not show any commensurate solution to the problems. Some people no longer believe in the America Dream. Now, the American Dream has been an expectation. This essay will prove the American dream is just a dream of three aspects. Firstly, the widening gap between rich and poor class implies that the American Dream is becoming more…show more content…
Different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds take a massive toll on the American nation - in moral, civic and economic terms (Kopp 2012). In fact, children living in struggle during formative years affect their life and attitude (“Jonathan Kozol” 2012). Most family’s situation is too honest to have to panhandle in the street. The cruel fact caused that those poor children cannot accept a well education. It is a crucial reminder that most economically disadvantaged children will not overcome their circumstances unless we commit ourselves to systemic changes and eliminate the root causes, from poverty to segregation (Kopp 2012). According to absolute mobility, people’s lives had made more improvement than their parents when they were at the same age. However, behavioral economics tells us that our sense of well-being is tied not to the past but to how we are doing compared with our peers (Foroohar 2011). Actually, the wealthy parents increase people’s opportunity by a factor of three or four. American Dream does not quite save the poor. Therefore, the American Dream is not possible to achieve in the future. In conclusion, inevitable factors indicate that the road to achieve the American Dream is difficult. Therefore, all Americans need to have confidence to achieve personal goals and believe that tomorrow would be better that today. In other words, people still should follow the national government and have a positive attitude to
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