Three Bags Full Thesis

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Three Bags Full has been a part of the effort to eliminate hunger in our country. It's a massive undertaking, but one that owner of Three Bags Full Cafe, John takes personally. Growing up in a home without a father, his mother was sole provider. He and his two other siblings were aware they didn't eat like other kids, but never acknowledged it out loud. It was just something they didn't speak of, since on some level, even as little ones they realized Mom was working hard to give them what she could. Oatmeal and eggs were often rotated as dinner and breakfast. These are memories that John works to prevent other children in America from having.

The other day a tow truck pulled up outside the Cafe and hooked up a late model sedan that had been illegally parked for 2 days outside the shop next door. Someone finally called the tow truck company since there were keys in the ignition, and it appeared the car had been abandoned. Tough financial times has many faces.
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This has become tradition, and as long as John or anyone in his family owns the Three Bags Full, I suspect it will continue. But I am talking about a bigger issue. Feeding America, feeding the world. Looking at poverty stricken countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, unfortunately we are not surprised that there are huge pockets of malnutrition. But we live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, yet we still have people who go to bed cold and hungry. It just doesn't make
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