Three Brothers Film Analysis

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This is a reminder that we seleted the Rhetorical/Media Criticism for our group project. There will not be a written paper but we will need to prepare a prezi or power point so we will need to create an outline for talking points. We are going to use a movie that we can connect back to rhetoric and its theories.

The way we will crtique the movie is by using a a type of critque there are several but some of the main ones are Narrative, Ideology, or Feminism Criticism. I am attaching a paper Izzy and I did while in that class. Mine is a Narrative Criticism which in short can be used for any story because it breaks down the componets of the narrtive, time, characters, setting etc. which is why it doesn 't matter what movie we chose
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The following is a sample I found online that would explain what it would require:

The Tale of the Three Brothers

Analysis of Artifact

: To tell a moral story/ to entertain
: magical realm; setting changes according to each character and the time of their actions
: Death, the first brother, the second brother, the third brother; the wizard who is killed, the murderer of the first brother, the lover of the second brother, the son of the third brother
The characters are all flat and their behaviors are consistent throughout the narrative
Analysis, cont.
: Hermoine, an omniscient narrator; she is presented directly to the audience; she is audible, her voice is her sense of presence
: (1) The brothers meet death and get their rewards; (2) the first brother is killed; (3) the second brother kills himself; (4) the third brother gives his cloak to his son and meets death; the last three events (satellites) are dependent upon the first event (kernel)
Temporal relations
: the narrative is a flashback to events that had happened previously; also the narrative switched between the brothers '
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Causal relations: meeting Death and choosing their rewards decides their fate; in the case of the first two brothers, it results in their deaths
: there is a group audience; but the narrative is more specifically given to Harry, who had not heard the story before
: dangers of greed/power; good intentions outlast evil intentions; selfishness leads to self-harm
Type of Narrative
: tragedy
Research Question
How does the narrative 's use of characters, settings, and events help the narrative teach the audience a moral lesson?
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