Cause And Effect Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage is the most sacred things in this world, it is about deciding who will be our partner in life and it supposed to be once in a lifetime. But people currently tend to underestimate marriage because they do not understand what is the exact meaning of being married it appears on how they solve their problem, a married couple who understand the real concept of being married solve their problem with maturity, but a married couple who does not understand it, it seems divorce s the only way out. There are 3 causes and effects why does the divorce rating have been increased recently. The first one is the changes in women’s role in the family. Women used to be working in the kitchen, take care of the children, and dealing with home problem, but as the time went by modern life has affected our lifestyle and so does our thoughts. Slowly, women began to achieve their dreams in several ways, some of them have been working outside the house, they come out from their comfort zone, and they are learning how to be independent woman, for some reason this is a good example of being a woman with a dignity, but the fact that the women have a too high dignity make them feel they have control of everything, especially when she got into a higher position and earned more money more than her husband, woman will feel that they do not need their husband anymore because they can do it by themselves, but the fact is the women has to respect their husband even though he is not success as his wife.…show more content…
The first is getting divorce mainly occurs in the children because they do not prepare to handle this kind of situation, which is why so many teenagers get pregnant easily, their mental has not shaped properly because they did not have enough attention and affection from the parents. Another effect is traumatic feeling of being married because so many factors, one of them is being harmed or they afraid of failure in building a relationship, we as a human did not want to fall in the same hole twice, that is why single parents remain single instead of looking for someone else or they keep single because they feel that they are able to live by

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