The Importance Of Hibernation In Animals

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“Hibernation is animals snuggle up in caves, burrows or hollow tree trunks and sleep during the cold winter months when food is harder to find and cold weather makes it harder for their bodies to work”.(Sabra, Sep 21,2015) These hibernation not only occurred in people but also occurred in animals. The hermitage of people and animals are different. People may be meditating, but unlike animals which depends on three factors. It is weather, animals behavior and life when hibernate. The first factor that causes a hibernating animal is weather. Most animals will live, adapting themselves with the weather and they tend to hibernate in winter such as birds turtles snakes or fish etc. Because the winter is very cold and may be have snow covered throughout the season. When the winter has started, a temperature is also greatly reduced. Sometimes, it reduce to 27 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 3 degrees Celsius) The body temperature of animals decrease, heart-beats very slowly…show more content…
During the hibernation, animals are living differently. Some animals use hibernate instead the time to relax. Some animals use hibernate to protect themselves from dangers. For example, frogs will hibernate in soil holes that moistness or timber in order to camouflage themselves from predators since the winter is the season has been difficult to find food. So, there are a lot of predators. Those animals need foods to survive therefore frogs need to hibernate in mud holes, or close to water with more oxygen for safety. While frogs are in the holes, they have prevent freeze system that caused by gap of body. It is bladder and subcutaneous. Because of those organs have high glucose. It can prevent coagulation. When frogs are frozen in cold weather, frogs will stop breathing and heart stop beating. It seems that died but actually not. It’s just hibernating. This system can help frogs through the winter. At the end of the winter, heart and lungs will return to work

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