Childhood Obesity Cause And Effect Essay

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“In the United States, the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s”. (CDC, 2018)” The definition of obesity is “BMI at or above the 95th percentile for children and teens of the same age and sex.”(CDC, 2018) Childhood obesity is a very scary thing. If a child is obese they are at risk for countless things later in life. Discussing the: cause of childhood obesity, the effects of childhood obesity and some preventions of childhood obesity may bring strong awareness to childhood obesity as a whole. Furthermore, the CDC says that there are three main causes of childhood obesity in the United States. The top three causes of childhood obesity is “Behaviors that influence excess weight gain include eating high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and beverages, not getting enough physical activity, sedentary activities such as watching television or other screen devices,…show more content…
Obesity is a huge problem today especially in growing children. In my opinion, times have changed by getting worse. More and more children are sadly becoming obese day by day. Many researchers and psychologist are doing studies to show how bad childhood obesity is and how it i not getting any better. Researchers and psychologist are encouraging parents and guardians to encourage their children to: Eat healthy, exercise daily and stick to a schedule. Making sure that a child eats healthy and doing physical activity after can decrease the child's risk of being obese. If a family creates a schedule that they follow everyday and try not to change it much can also decrease the chances of the being obese. I was a obese child and my family motivated me to motivate myself to eat healthy an exercise and create a schedule for myself. I am noe healthy and my BMI is not higher than it should. More and more awareness about childhood obesity is needed around the world to decrease the rates of childhood

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