Cause Of Homelessness Essay

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In the current days, the homeless phenomenon has spread around the world. Not only, have the poor countries had this kind of problem, but also the countries with advanced and extended power and wealth. According to Baxter (n.d) there are a high number of people suffer from being homeless in the city of New York, because of the employment and the cost of everything is higher specially the housing. However, some people are born poor and that’s what makes it inevitable for them to be homeless. Drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing are three causes of homelessness.

First, drugs and alcohol abuse caused a serious problem in the world, and changed every life into chaos. Somehow, people use drugs and alcohol to forget things and move on, but the truth is that it is either kill them, or make them sell everything they got to afford it. For instance, a guy with an average income use this thing thinking that it will help him, and the obesities happens it destroy his life. Neale (2015) wrote that the usage of drug among homeless
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The general population of most countries do not have the money to buy a house, that’s why most of them are renting it and move to a place to another depends on the situations. This problem is connected to the economy of the country, if the real estate is in its worst shape people will pay a lot of money to get a simple house to live in. According to Martin (2015) discusses that the raises of the housing prices is making it worst to the people with the low income, and that is the major cause why people become homeless and poor in the society, and also the taxes on the houses are contributing in making people pay more money. Therefore, there should be an existing to the low income individuals to help them keeps their poverty, and make it less payments on
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