Characteristics Of Good Parents Essay

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Being a Superhero What do you think ‘parent’ means? Dictionary says that parent is somebody’s mother or father but this is not enough to define a ‘parent’. Being a parent is not only about genes or biology. It brings responsibilities to people and they should know importance of these responsibilities if they want to be good parents. Therefore, parents should have specific characteristics. There are three main characteristics of being a good parent. To begin with, parents should give love and care to their children. Communication is important for parents to understand their children. Listening is a significant component of communication and helps parents to build positive relationships with their children. Listening provides that parents can empathize with their children and if children know that their parents listen them and care what they say, they can put their thoughts and feelings easily. For example, Mike has a problem with Andrew who is Mike’s best friend at school. They fought when playing football. Mike pushed Andrew and he fell so he felt pain in his arm. As a consequence,…show more content…
It requires effort and care. If people want to be good parents, they must take on responsibilities and they should understand importance of these responsibilities. As a result, parents have significant characteristics. For instance, parents should give love and care to their children like listening to their children and spending time together. Moreover, parents should have and teach discipline so they could be consistent and finally, if people want to be good parents, they should help their children to develop their own characters. There are many ways such as teaching how to be independent people and allowing to experience life to children. Therefore, people should be careful these main subjects and they make effort to understand and perform these. In brief, if people pay attention, they can be good parents in
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