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Being a teacher involves a high degree of personal skills which, rather than acquired, are part of your personality, together with an astonishing level of responsibility as your role as a teacher can make the difference in your students’ academic, professional and personal life. Yet, we cannot forget that students can influence and change teachers and as we depend on this interaction for developing our task, it is important to develop the three characteristics mentioned by Carl Rogers in the text.
It is essential to create an atmosphere of respect and regard among students and between students and the teacher in the classroom and outside it. As a teacher, I try to facilitate the necessary conditions to form a cohesive class-group, including
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In order to have success in our job, we need to learn how to adapt to our students. I have to admit that, maybe due to my lack of experience, to me, this is one of the most difficult aspects of our profession as we have under our responsibility many different students which differ so much that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to accommodate to every individual need. Nonetheless, I consider to be an important part of my job to bear in mind my students’ background and their previous knowledge in the field in order to start constructing their learning upon these foundations. As a teacher and as a student, I have constantly experienced the almost obsessive teachers’ habit to cover all the element of all the units in the student books and to stifle students with an endless list of contents and information that they could hardly manage. I have also seen the amount of repetitive homework students are asked to do, the uncountable exams that create in them a feeling of rejection towards the subject. Yet, as I teacher, I consider that English is more than just being able to pass a grammar and vocabulary exam, it consists of learning how to communicate and of enriching yourself with different cultural elements and perspectives. Thus, we should make the teaching and learning process valuable, adapting to the students’ needs, bearing in mind their mother…show more content…
As part of our labour, we should make an effort to distinguish between having the responsibility of guiding knowledge and having the absolute power in the classroom. We should not forget that teachers have limits too and different teaching styles. However, as a teacher, I think it is important to maintain the balance, to approach students with respect and humbleness as our job and our role as teacher would not exist without the students’ consent. They are the ones that allow the development of our job and they have part of the power and responsibility involved in the teaching and learning process. As part of our authenticity as teachers, it is important to be honest, not to make promises we cannot keep and to stay loyal to our principles and the ones we agreed on with our students. In addition, we should admit our limitations too, acknowledging that we are not the source of every piece of information and of the endless knowledge, but the guides in the learning process. We should not be ashamed of confessing we do not know something and, yet being able to find the necessary tools to facilitate our students the learning they are demanding. Thus, we have to be opened to the possibility of enriching ourselves and learning from our students and from the rest of our colleagues. We should not forget that both, teachers and students, are in a constant learning process, and only through it,

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