Three Characters To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, the three characters to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are Romeo’s and Juliet’s parents, Juliet’s Maid, and Mercutio. The first characters to blame are Romeo’s and Juliet’s parents. They are to blame because instead of stopping the fight between them they join the fight. So, for this both Romeo and Juliet kill themselves so they be together. The second character to blame is Juliet’s Maid. She is to blame because she was a messenger, so they can both still talk. She could have told them to wait for the fight to end or let them be separated. The third character to blame is Mercutio. He is to blame because he got a invitation to the Capulet party and invited Romeo to find Roseline at the
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