Three Core Principles Of Donald J. Trump's Immigration Reform

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TRUMP: MAKING AMERICA WHITE AGAIN The three core principles of Donald J. Trump 's immigration plan When Donald Trump gossips about “immigration reform” he specifies: keeping Mexican rapists, criminals out of America and all other immigrants to make America white and close its borders. Real immigration reforms put the needs of wealthy people like me first – not poor, crime committing immigrants. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts my needs ahead of your own. That must NOT change. Here are the three core principles of my interpretation of immigration reform: 1. A nation without massive walls isolating it is not a nation. There must be a wall, a “HUUUUGE” wall built across the Mexican-American border in order to keep America free from “rapist” trespassers. Many have said that it wont work but in my point of view it will more than work to keep these…show more content…
All Mexican aliens must be sent back to their country and if they do not cooperate, force will be used. Under my president rule Mexicans or any other immigrants will not be allowed in America. Immigrants already in America will be deported without hesitation when or if they are caught by the authorities. Enhanced penalties for overusing an expired visa. Millions of beaners come to the United States on temporary visas, but refuse to leave when their time is up. This is a threat to white people. Teen job thieves who refuse to leave at the time they are intended to will be vigorously evacuated from the soon to be a white nation. I will end birthright citizenship. This remains the biggest taco eating Mexican magnet for illegal immigration. I say it is the wrong policy to be granting automatic citizenship to the children of rapist immigrants. Immigrants who engender babies should not be granted citizenship. Their criminal parents have broken the law and so why should their children be designated citizenship in America? Put American Workers

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