Three Day Narrative

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"I 'll be leaving in three days," Neil tells the family, explaining to them that he has a concert scheduled for the first of October. He has to get back for rehearsals with his quartet. The announcement came as no surprise, however, his telling them with that specific date, turned it into a reality.
“I know this is difficult, but please understand, for several people it furnishes an income. If they temporarily replace me, which they did last month, they suffered because of the refunds that were issued. They can’t afford a repeat, and though I offered to finance them until I returned, they will not accept it."
After he closed his bedroom door, he could hear his mother weeping. It was muffled, and his father’s baritone voice, though inaudible, appeared to be offering comfort. Perhaps he was telling her ‘he’ll be back soon.’
He quickly undressed and climbed into bed. It was like a sparkling electrical cord, broken and jumping about. It never seemed to be still, quiet, here.
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How much of his behavior these few weeks, had been sincere. Several mornings he woke up surprised at the unfamiliar room. There was a long, but slight crack in the ceiling. It started at the small ceiling fixture and moved over him to the corner by the window. The crack visited him in a dream. It tore apart and he was exposed to the night sky. A crowd of people appeared and were interested in finding out why he was staring at the heavens. They all began to laugh at him. ‘He’s a fool’ some voice called out. ‘Repair your house’ said another. Then he found himself in a Farm Store looking for ceiling plaster. “We don’t carry Ceiling plaster only Wall Plaster,” said a clerk that looked like one of those Munch characters. “Well where is that?” “Aisle 366,” “Isn’t that a leap year? . . . This is a dream.” he remembered noting as he woke up. The gray four of five AM tone outside his window, signaled him to turn over and go back to
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