Three Differences: Three Characteristics Of Saint Teresa Of Avila

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Saint Teresa of Avila

1.a Three Characteristics

1. Saint Teresa of Avila was born on the 28th of march in 1515. She lived in Avila, Gotarrendura which was a small town in Spain. It was very poor with a low population. She grew up in the 1500's which was a poor time in the world and Teresa's parents couldn't afford a good lifestyle for her.

2. Around less then 20 years when she was born Christopher Columbus opened the Western Hemisphere to European colonisation, then two years after she was born Martin Luther started a Protestant Reformation. There was a lot of change going on in the world but Teresa stayed peaceful and undisturbed.

3. Her father was very religious and very strict. He told Teresa never to lie and that made Teresa always scared that she was going to do something wrong. This made her life difficult for her growing up and after her mother died Teresa felt a void without her.

1.B Four key events
1. When Saint Teresa was
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Three ways she made a difference is when she lost faith and love for God and prayer, then she overcame that and is now a saint. When Teresa of a teenager she would sin a lot and she only cared about friends and parties, then she changed her life around and started devoting her life to a life of prayer. She also set up convents and many women with no place to live and nuns who found it hard to pray would go to them, which inspired them to follow a life of prayer.

1.D How faith was important to her
Faith was important to Saint Teresa because she never gave up. When she was growing up she went in and out of loving her religious life, but also sinning because she was caught up with friends and popularity. She always found her way back to her religious life. When she became sick she had inner experiences of joy and peace and that brought back her faith that God can make everything

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