Three Domains Of Sustainable Development

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Abstract Nowadays, sustainable development is playing an increasingly role in the world, it is a complex process which includes three respects: ecology , economy and social culture.The government policy is the most powerful methods to realize the sustainable development.But actually, there are still many obstacles in the promotion of sustainable development.This essay mainly talk about the efficiency of three domains by sustainability policy.Firstly, it defines sustainable development and explain the content.Secondly, introduces the three domains of sustainable development and the corresponding policy respectively.Finally,the paper puts forward some suggestions to keep sustainable development. Introduction With the increase of world population,…show more content…
al. 2003, ASPO 2008, Meng and Bentley 2008, cited in Day et al, 2009:322).In the economic sustainable development, the process of economic development and technological progress must meet the needs of the society of all sorts of natural resources.Economic sustainable development of resource use, can use the rich resources and the matters which do not belong to the category of resources to replace the shortage of the resources which limit the economic development.In social culture sustainable development, it mainly be carried out in cities and urbanized regions which have the highest level of water, soil and air pollution. Urban policies are very essential in that

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