Three Elements Of Consumer Behavior

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Consumer behavior is the behavior that consumers in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of product and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. It also defined as how they make decisions to use their available resources (time, money, effort) on consuming or purchasing items (Hawkins 2004). Also, according to Jagdish N. Sheth, customer behavior is the activities of the customers that result in decisions and actions to pay for purchase, and use products and services, whether it is a mental or physical activity.
Consumer behavior can’t just change in a snap. But creating a niche by finding and focusing on very specific markets that might encourage change may do so. Being able to focus on the market that accommodates
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Paul Peter, there are three (3) elements that marketers should be researched and analyzed to develop effective marketing strategies to a product and services. First element is “consumer affect and cognition”, it refers to two type of mental responses which consumers show to the market. “Affect” is the feeling of the consumer to the product or service whether he/she likes it or not. For example, affect includes relatively intense emotions such as love or anger, satisfaction or frustration, boredom or relaxation, and milder overall attitudes such as liking that particular product or service or disliking it. “Cognition” in the other hand is how consumer thinks, such as their beliefs about that particular product or service. It involves of thinking, understanding, and interpreting stimuli and events. And also it includes the experiences customer has in their memories, remembering past events, forming evaluations and making purchasing decisions ad choices. For example, Samsung often advertised their product to people for having a advance features of the phones to gain consumers’ knowledge and so that the consumer purchase their phones. Next element is “Consumer Behavior”, behavior is the physical action of the consumers that can easily observe and noticed by others. It also called “overt behavior” to distinguish it from mental activities such as thinking and that can observed directly. Example of behavior are surfing in the internet, purchasing products at the grocery store, or shopping in the mall. Through behavior, business earned profits or it can make your product sold, this made behavior is critical for marketers. Last is “Consumer environment” it refers to the external factors that influences consumer’s thinking capability, feelings, and activities. It also includes social stimuli such as the actions of others in cultures, subcultures, social classes, reference groups and families that influence consumers. It also includes the advertisements,
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