First Language Acquisition Of Second Language

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First language acquisition consist of children learning how to properly develop their oral skills to communicate in their native language. From birth, the child begins to acquire language by hearing adults speaking, although the child cannot fully understand the language, subconsciously the child is acquiring the language. As a child gets older they began to become knowledgeable of the grammatical rules in writing and begin to expand their vocabulary. Second language acquisition consist of child learning another language beside their native language. In some occasions a child is exposed to two languages simultaneously, causing the child to combine some aspects of the language. Moreover, the child can become very proficient in the two languages…show more content…
I have to admit that I don’t completely agree with all the theorist, but I agree with some of the concepts they discussed. For example, I agree with the idea that children began to acquire language at a very young age or even before they fully developed their first words. Children begin to babble when they are very young and is probably due to the environment they are being exposed to. In my own experience I learned how to speak English as my teacher would makes us do activities where we would relate a certain word in Spanish to whichever the word translate to. I feel that first language acquisition is strongly interconnected with how successful you will become with your second language being acquired. If one is able to completely master their native language then they would probably become successful when learning a second language. Moreover, many of the words in the English language can sound the same as the Spanish words with the same meaning. At least for me that was one of the advantages that acquired as being a bilingual person. Therefore, I complete agree with Cummins theory as one as a bilingual speaker can obtain many advantages. Furthermore, the advantages cannot be fully shared between all the children acquiring another language if they are not completely proficient in the language. The child would not be able to relate words between the English language and the Spanish language if they are having a hard time learning and fully developing the second language. Some of my unanswered questions were answered by the theories described as I was able to learn how language acquisition development works between children. I had the question of when does a child begin to acquired their first language. Theorist, Skinner help me understand that children can begin acquiring language at birth when they first begin to transmit sounds. Although, his concept is very debatable with

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