Three Forms Of Marriage: Unilipinal And Matrilineal Marriages

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Marriage may help identify children in terms of helping them with their own kinship ties in terms of a mother, father and also relatives. Marriage is defined as two individuals that are dependent towards each other that last as they can handle in addition, they may have the children (Westermarck, 1891). There are three forms of kinship systems which are Unilineal, Cognatic and also Bilateral. However, Unilineal can also be classified between Patrilineal and also matrilineal. Each of these forms can be seen on different types of kinships in which may be the reason on the marriages of these forms. In this essay will be discussion on the marriages on the Unilineal type of marriages where the case study will be the Minangkabau. Firstly, the matrilineal means lineage drawn from mother. It means that the matrilineal kinship system are characterised as the people follow their descendent of their line through the female line within the society. Any of the property such as houses and also land are not given to the male but are given to the female in which are passed down from generation to generation. Women held most of the power both in the village and also in their household therefore they controlled the land in. (Blackwood, 2001). This shows of how women are considered the leader in some society in addition, they are whom the society would go for in terms of advice or even some decision making. A good example of a society that practises the matrilineal kinship system is

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