Three Girls Joyce Carol Oates Analysis

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The setting, of the story "Three Girls" takes place in Broadway and Twelfth in New York. It was a cold evening around 6pm, in March. The second part of the story is set in a bookstore called Stand Use books, at Fourteenth Street in New York, because these two girls are a book lover and called themselves a poet. In addition, protagonist mentions, "a woman nearly my height, was tall for a girl, in 1956" (96). This shows that the story happened in 1956 and it was their first time to see Marilyn Monroe real in person. Furthermore, "never had we seen Marilyn Monroe with her hair braided in any movie or photo" this point of view also describes the period when Marilyn Monroe was a different person than what they saw the movie. It contrasts Marilyn…show more content…
They are the only person who recognized Marilyn Monroe, because she was looking completely different from the movie, because she did not wearing her makeup, clothes in ''man's navy coat to her angles and with sleeves past her wrists, a man's beige fedora hat on head" (93), which makes them very surprise to see her like that. They expecting a man to fetch her up but she is all-alone. It makes them feel comfortable in their lesbian relationship that was unrelated to the men kind. They hide their self and following Marilyn Monroe, observing her characters and the books which shocked them, because they never thought she would be a person like that an absolutely unmatched from the movie. Later, they helped her pay the books, because they thought she might be recognized by the clerk and for the return of their help Marilyn Monroe offered them a book and that night was the first time they kissed!
I think, they overcome this obstacle because first, the person who they suspect was Marilyn Monroe and they get chance to talk to her. Also, the most important was their relationship, even it was hard for them to show their lesbian relationship in public, but they clearly know what they want and what they were doing. Therefore, even it was secret but they decided to follow thier heart, so they can handle
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