The Three Gorges Dam

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6) Explain the views and perceptions that different people have about the dam. Local farmers, environmental campaigners and even officials themselves have voiced concern about environmental damage. That damage includes landslides that have triggered 50 metre-high waves on the reservoir behind the dam, according to one local official. But despite these widespread accusations, the Chinese central government insists there are no geological "abnormalities". Critics of the Three Gorges Dam - the world 's largest hydro-electricity project - have long argued that the scheme would lead to environmental problems in the area around the reservoir. See a graphic and more details about the Three Gorges Dam In September, those fears appeared…show more content…
They 're not truthfully reflecting a serious situation Dai Qing, Chinese writer Wang Xiaofeng, the official who in September had seemed to warn of catastrophe, this week took a different line. "Geological disasters in this area have been effectively controlled," he said at a press conference in Beijing to discuss the environmental impact of the Three Gorges Dam. Although he did not discount the possibility of natural disasters in the future, he added: "There will not be any major damage to life or property." He also rebutted the various accusations claiming the Yangtze River dam is causing environmental damage. Mr Wang said there was less than half the expected levels of silt behind the dam, and outbreaks of algae in waterways feeding into the reservoir had been controlled. Rare floral and fauna had been protected, he went on, and there was only a low risk of reservoir-induced earthquakes. Banks of the Yangtze are being reinforced to prevent landslides Mr Wang also denied that the issue of four million extra residents being moved from their rural homes in Chongqing was anything to do with the $24 bn (£11.7 bn) Three Gorges

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