Three Health Promotion Issues

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The three Health Promotion issues I have chosen to discuss are smoking, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet. According to NICE (2007) Smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise play an important role in the health and behaviour of people in relation to their social and cultural background. I will be focusing on a 74 years old male patient, currently diagnosed with Coronary heart disease and is currently being treated on a cardiac ward were he was admitted. I will explore the three areas of Health Promotion and discuss how they are linked, I will include ethnics in nursing practice, the patient’s views, values and principles; Inter-professional working in educating the patient and the impact it can have on how we think and react
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Smoking and unhealthy diet are the some of the risk factors that contribute to disease and therefore need intervention and support to prevent it from happening. The American Heart Association (AHA) (2016) suggest that changing your lifestyle and dietary habits help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In relation to the patient; smoking creates the build-up of fat in the arteries which is a high risk factor for several types of disease which can lead to heart attacks and contribute to the number of deaths occurring (AHA,…show more content…
NHS England (2013) a call for action addresses the performance and failures within the NHS as well as providing and delivering a safe and high quality service to the people; it is about changing for the better, reducing the costs and combining with all health care services to help the people become responsible for their own health; it is about examining the NHS and finding ways in which we can do things diffidently for the better. According to the DOH (2013) the Change4Life encourages people to change their lifestyle to become healthier. If the patient is willing to co-operate and accept the support offered to quit smoking, changing diet and becoming more physically active, it will help change lifestyle; by doing this it will give people a better quality of life. The clinical area offers cardiac support groups for patients who have experienced surgery or need to open up and need additional support, cardiac rehabilitation is a secondary approach to lifestyle change, physical activity diet and weight management and other factors that will the help the process of change, it will also educate the

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