Three Juvenile Youth Programs

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Nicole Almestica
Community Corrections (Instructor: Kathleen A-Mickel)
What Works (Position Paper)
Wilmington University

Abstract The juvenile programs that are discussed are Outward Bound, Phoenix Youth and Family Services (Southeast Arkansas), and Project New Pride. All three programs push towards improving the lives of juveniles who are troubled. The programs offer a variety of services and programs that will improve the mentality, education, and lives of the juveniles. All three programs focus on juveniles and the issues specific to the juvenile.

The three Juvenile Youth Programs that I have chosen to discuss are Outward Bound Program, Phoenix Youth and Family Services (SouthEast Arkansas), and Project
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The last juvenile program that I will discuss is Project New Pride. Project New Pride deals with juveniles who are ages 14-17, who have serious misdemeanors and/or felonies and have more than 2 priors. The program gives juveniles who have a host of issues in their lives, a sense of pride and ample opportunities to feel that they are worth the opportunity. Project New Pride offers juvenile offender 's the blend of many programs, such as alternative schooling, counseling, job placement, recreation, correction of learning disabilities, cultural activities, and vocational training (Project New Pride). The approach of Project New Pride is one of confronting and correcting the youths needs all at once. Since 1974, Project New Pride has been deemed a ' 'model program ' ' and by 1979 The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration 's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention granted funds to the program for it 's expansion in 10 other states. Project New Pride wants to work with the juveniles so that they can reenter the community with new skills to stay in school, get a job, or do both. Both skills help juveniles become self sufficient…show more content…
The program helps in cost effectiveness because it is cheaper than incarcerating the youth. According to Project New Pride, in New Jersey and Colorado it costs $28,000 per year to incarcerate a juvenile rather than $4,500 in Camden to enter them in Project New Pride 's program. Pride involves 6 months of intensive involvement in the program and its services and 6 month of follow-up during re-entry phase in the community. I think all programs are great programs for troubled juveniles and juveniles who are trying to rehabilitate themselves and their lives. The program that has more evidence based information for me is Project New Pride. Project New Pride really seems to have established its progress and efforts to improve the lives of the juveniles who are involved in their program. Cost wise, I like that the cost of the program is less than half of the amount of the incarceration cost. This can be a great help to funding and expenditures for the Criminal Justice system.

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