Three Key Features Of American Federalism

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American Federalism Name Lecturer Course Date Introduction Federalism is a term used to denote the system of government in which the power is shared among different ranks of government. In this view, the national government is considered supreme in certain issues while the regions, provincial or states governments are supreme in other matters (Drake & Nelson, 2012). The federal system of government is characterized by three critical features. Firstly, the different governments act concurrently on the same people and territory. Secondly, the governments have their own particular authority and power and, thirdly, none of the governments can eradicate the other. The American federalism system evolved after the creation and execution of the…show more content…
In this regard, the national government allows amendments of the constitution based on political transformations and conditions, which is consistent with democratic ruling as shown by Wilson & Dilolio (2011). On the other hand, the states are allowed to make policies that are watched over by the federal government to ensure consistency with U.S constitution. Hence, both governments enable the political sphere to evolve. Thirdly, the citizens allow federalism to form the American political behavior. Citizens are marked as strong factors of change in the political field through their voices (Rasinski, 1988). Entirely, the American citizens continue to demand for varied reforms which lead to amendments of the constitution to cater for their political needs. Similarly, the citizens affect the politics through their voting attitudes as evidenced by Rasinski. Seemingly, the citizens show support for certain political parties and division over other parties which influence the political behavior in America. Factors Showing Relationship between States and Federal Governments in Policy…show more content…
The American federalism revolves around the federal and states governments. Remarkable changes have been identified during the evolution of American federalism which includes separate powers of the federal and states government to the collaborative sharing of power. Seemingly, many factors have influenced federalism towards forming the American political activities which include the constitution, the people and the governments. Similarly, the relationship between the states government has been shown by critical factors that affect policy making such as funding and protection of human rights. Essentially, federalism has impacted on the American political field and policy

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