Project Constraints Analysis

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Project constraints are anything that limits or dictates the actions of the project team. Project managers need to manage these constraints and the constant compromise between them. Van Wyngaard, Pretorius, and Pretorius (2012) write that the triple constraints of scope, time and cost, form a symbolic triangle and are the key constraints in project management. That these three constraints are linked, a change in one affects the others. Project quality sits in the middle of the triangle and is only maintained by the balancing of these three factors. Jugdev and Muller (2005) say that for a project to be a success the products or services need to also bring value to the business, so the strategic value should also be a variable. I chose a Harvard…show more content…
I also added another team member as I was starting to have concerns about completing this project on time. The team were tired and disinterested, this was something I needed to monitor. For week 10 and 11 I decided to add an additional team member and only required the medium to high skill level. Everyone knew what needed to be done, they just had to complete the tasks. The team understood how they fitted into the project and what was expected from them. Week 12 came and although we had made tremendous progress, unfortunately, we still had 56 tasks to complete. The team was still bored. I stopped all meetings and reduced the team. We now had three highly skilled members. The team knew the targets and just needed to make them happen.

I was concerned about the boredom within the team. Harju, Hakanen & Schaufeli (2016) look at boredom at work and the use of job crafting to alleviate this. Crafting a job, Wrzesniewski A & Dutton J E. (2001) say is when employee’s make changes to their own jobs to create engagement. I felt the team needed to enjoy the challenges of this project as a way of decreasing boredom and increasing engagement and production. My aim was to promote this way of thinking in my interactions with the

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