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In this book these three living styles were very interesting to read about. All three living styles had very different living styles. The Italians were living in the inner city of New York. Chinatown was right next door to the Bend. Jewtown people were starving themselves to save just a few dollars. All these living styles were struggling in some way. The ethnic groups all had their own way of dealing with their misfortune and health. A lot of people from the ethnic groups had a very rough life because of these, because they all did not have enough money to pay if they got sick or some terrible disease cause them major illness. The three different ethnic groups living conditions were similar and different because they were all not very wealthy and well fed. In New York is where the Italians lived. The immigration of Italians in New York was so big that it was a huge attention grabber. “Certainly a picturesque, if not very tidy, element has been added to the population in the ‘assisted’ Italian immigrant who claims so large a shale of public attention, rate, but chiefly because he elects to stay in New York, or near enough for it to serve as his…show more content…
The three living styles seemed that they all had room for improvement, but at the same time seemed to be going pretty good. A big room for improvement seemed to be in Jewtown with how people were starving themselves to save a little money. I feel that all three living styles in some way related to how we live today. In the Italians they immigrated to New York immigration happens every day. In Chinatown people tried to follow what was in during that time, which is what everybody does today trying to fit in by wearing the newest clothes or accessories. In Jewtown there was people starving to save a little money, starving people are everywhere in today’s world. This is how these three living styles lived in/through the

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