Electromagnetic Security Research Paper

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Electromagnetic Security:
Electromagnetic security is to prevent unauthorized access to system’s resources due to the issue of electromagnetic emanations from the systems hardware. [1]
Almost every hardware release electromagnetic radiations so there is a risk of leaking out sensitive information. Electromagnetic security has been developed to provide protection to the sensitive data of govt. and business operations. It is installed in telecommunication systems, cryptographic systems and other similar communications systems.
b) What are the three main categories of EMSec. Explain each in detail with at least two examples for each category.

There are three main categories related to EMSec. [3]
1. Information leakage via electromagnetic radiations.
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Explain details of them.

International standard related to EMSec :


TEMPEST stands for “Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard” refers to counter measures that are setup by US govt. to protect the classified information from being intercepted via electromagnetic emanations. [5]
History: In 1950 the US govt. was concerned that electromagnetic emanations could be intercepted and reconstructed so there is a need for some standard for the protection of data. [5]
Objective: Objective of TEMPEST is to reduce the risk of exploiting emanations from intelligence systems.

TEMPEST provides measures to protect information from unauthorized access due to unintentional emanations. Special shielding is used to suppress the emissions that are emitted from the device. TEMPEST equipment is used to prevent the intruders from getting information through these emanations by using different listening devices. The equipment should meet the standard that is provided by TEMPEST.
The device is metal coated on the outer surface that ensures that it could release only a limited amount of radiations. This technology is expensive and complex so it is used only for highly sensitive
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Explain in details.

For protecting the sensitive data access to the unauthorized users via electromagnetic emanations we use different counter measures. The first and most important counter measure is shielding. It is special type of shielding material that does not let any emission to come in and go out. The standard used for electromagnetic security is known as TEMPEST. It is the standard used by the US Govt. to protect the classified information from being intercepted via electromagnetic emanations.

Another method is to paint the devices with the material that absorbs the emissions and it does not let any emission go out.
Another method is to add the white noise to that signal that contains the important data. White noise is spectrum of random electrical signals. If someone is trying to intercept the signal then he will not be able to differentiate between the actual data and the noise.
The Nonstop attack is minimized by using the mobile phone away from the range of 5 meters of
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