Three Main Causes Of World War 1 Essay

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World War 1 was a trench war that lasted four years and involved many nation states. The war started with a spark, the spark was when Franz Ferdinand an Archduke was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist group called Black Hand. The terrorist group set a plan to kill Franz Ferdinand but it failed when a member of the group forgot that the bomb he threw at Ferdinand had a delay and it did not kill him. When the other terrorist saw ferdinand coming down the road they were too shocked to do anything so there first plan failed. It was when Ferdinand and his wife were leaving that their driver made the wrong turn and was going by when Gavrilo Princip a member of the terrorist group them and killed Ferdinand and his Wife Sophia. This was not the cause of world war 1 by the spark the three main causes of world war one was militarism, alliances, and imperialism. Militeralism was one of the three main causes of world war 1. It is revered to as an “arms race.” It is revered as that because Britain had a large navy, and Germany wanted a large navy too. France and germany competed to build larger armies. When larger armies introduced “universal conscription” (the draft), even when it was a time of peace young farm boys were excited and joined because they didn’t want to stay in the same town and take over the farm the wanted a way out. For reason and…show more content…
European nations ruled smaller countries, called colonies, and everyone competed with one another to get more colonies. The purpose of imperialism was and is to build up national wealth and influence by owing colonies. Both britain and France had a lot of colonies in Asia and Africa. In the 1880 and 1990, germany and Italy had decided that they wanted a colonial empire too. This global Competition for land caused a lot of conflicts and confrontations in many places. An Example is that France almost went to war with Great Britain and the United states during the 1880s over
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