Three Mobile Case Study

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Company Background
Founded in 2002, Three mobile is a well-established telecommunications company with over 9million registered users in the UK and 23.5 million users globally (Hutchinson Whampoa, 2012). Three are 100% owned by Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd, a fortune 500 investment holding company situated in Hong Kong and one of the largest companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Three operate in over 16 different countries across the globe including Austria, USA, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy and Macau (Three, 2013)
Three mobile was first launched in the UK on the 3rd March 2003, 03-03-03 (BBC website, 2013) and is currently the country’s fasted growing mobile operator. Their unique selling point is their focus
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The success of this campaign even forced this song back into the charts Fleetwood Mac are an immensely popular and well known band in this particular market. Not only is this piece of music catchy and relaxing, the lyrics “I want to be with you everywhere” symbolises Threes commitment to providing solid coverage to its customer, no matter where they are in the country. Another critical reason for the success of this campaign was the inclusion of #DancePonyDance at the end of the video advert. By adding this hashtag at the end of the video, it helped ensure one consistent hash-tag was used by people sharing the video, instead of having several different hash-tags pop up on Twitter, perhaps skewing its trending. Furthermore when Three were posting about the #Danceponydance video, they embedded it into the tweet, making sharing amongst followers considerably easier.
As part of their integrated marketing communications strategy, Three UK linked up with The Guardian, a popular UK newspaper to bring their readers the crème de la crème of the internet every day with a new online section called ‘Keep on Internetting’. This online section offers viewers the chance to watch at any given moment what the most liked, shared and talked about online content is. This association reinforces Threes image as a company who understands the importance of internet browsing to the consumer best but also allows
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One of the key successes of #DancePonyDance was the ability of a mass audience to produce and share their own unique and creative videos. In order to take full advantage of the virality of user created content, it would be an astute choice to engage celebrities and famous sport in promoting Three and their campaign. Research insinuates that celebrity endorsements can result in more favourable advertisement ratings and product evaluations (Dean and Biswas, 2001). Freiden (1984) stipulates that celebrities are particularly effective endorsers because the public view them as highly trustworthy, believable, persuasive, and likeable. Till and Shrimp (1998) also note that in order to maximise effectiveness, celebrities must be the right fit for the product or service sold. Examples of celebrities who would be a good fit would include Holly Willoughby or Ed Sheeran, two highly regarded figures amongst Threes target market and both tie in well with Three’s image as a fun, internet oriented

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