Three Modes Of Communication

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1. What is communication?
Communication is exchanging of information by speaking, writing and some other medium. Communication is also the means of sending or receiving information such as computer.
2. Identify and explain the modes of communication?
The term mode is referring to a set of socially and culturally shaped resources for making meaning. There are three modes of communication.
1. Writing: Writing is the most important part of business communication. Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written words. In a business communication writing is essential for small business owners and managers to develop effective written communication skills and to encourage the same in all employees.
2. Reading:
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speaking: Speaking is the action of conveying information or expressing one’s feelings in speech. Speaking is also the important part of business communication. To be understanding of ideas and observations among people. Communication is also key to maintaining good personal relationships with your employees.
3. Identify and explain the 5c’s in communication?
There are 5c’s in business communication.
1. Clear: The message which is sent should be cleared and it should not be misunderstood by the receiver. Your voice should be cleared you do not speak too fast.
2. Considerate: Colleagues need to be respected instead of overruled. You should have to maintain good relationship with your employees so that they must share their problems without any fear.
3. Correct: The message you convey to your co-workers should be grammatically correct and sentence formation is easy to understand. Your information is accurate.
4. Confidence: You should have to speak confidently. Keep your voice calm and steady and making eye contact with your co-worker.
5. Complimentary: Maintain good relationship is very important so don’t be afraid to praise your co-workers. You should use your judgement accordingly as to exactly what sort of compliments are
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Enumerate and explain the 3 models of communication?
There are three standard models of the communication process.
1. Linear: Linear communication model is a straight-line communication. In a linear model sender encodes a message via a channel and the message is decoded by the receiver and in linear model there is no means for immediate feedback. The linear communication model is typically found in radio, newspapers etc.
2. Transactional: In a transactional model senders and receivers both are known as communicators and both play equally important role in communication. Transactional model relates communication with cultural upbringing. In a transactional model non- verbal feedback like body language is also considered as
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