Three Most Important Aspects Of Poverty In Liz's Life

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Many facets of poverty were impactful on Liz’s life, but the three most important aspects were drug addiction, hunger and family dissolution. When Liz was growing up her parents lives were consumed with drugs. At one point in the book Liz’s mom steals her birthday money from her to buy drugs. As she observes throughout her life how much drugs wreck her parents and her family. Lizzy vows to never ever do drugs. With this strong of an addiction from both her parents, adequate food was also a problem that impacted Liz’s life. Her parents never had enough money to buy food for their kids. It’s not that her parents didn’t love Liz and her sister but addiction was so strong that any money they had was spent on drugs. Most days the girls ate eggs with ketchup. At one point Lisa, Lizzy’s sister, gets so mad at her parents…show more content…
Issues with addiction and hunger also cause Lizzy’s family to fall apart. Lizzy at one point in the book even says that everyone in her family is on a different continent and she fears that they will soon drift away so far that it will be impossible for them to come back together. These three factors of poverty also put holes in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Liz doesn’t have basic physiological needs like food and clothing and she definitely does not have safety needs, like personal security, employment and health. Forget entirely about love and belonging. These three elements are just some of the many aspects of poverty that impacted Lizzy’s life.

Lizzy creates many healthy and unhealthy relationships throughout her life. These relationships shape the very fundamental values Lizzy has in the life she wants to lead. One very unhealthy
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