Three Presidents

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Three Presidents that Transformed America America has had many triumphs and defeats in the past that has impacted the lives of thousands. It is important to take some time and honor certain individuals who have had a positive influence in shaping the United States into what it is today. Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan were responsible for some of America’s greatest achievements. These three presidents had high ambitions for the country and had to overcome many challenges along the way to accomplish many of the goals that they strove to fulfill. While each president aimed to improve the nation and the lives of its people, the one who had achieved the most during his presidency had been Abraham Lincoln, as seen through…show more content…
Roosevelt had set out to revive America after being hit with the Great Depression by expanding the powers of government. When first being elected, his primary objective was to strengthen the nation’s economy. Many people were unemployed and feared what would happen next if the economy continued to plummet. Roosevelt then formed the New Deal, which had been an essential landmark in American life. Through the establishment of the New Deal, the government was able to pass numerous bills that led to the creation of Social Security, stabilized the stock market, and various other advancements that began the restoration of America. By enforcing these new policies, this led to the expansion of powers within the central government (Walsh n.p.). In total, he was able to get fifteen vital bills passed through Congress, which further showed his dependence on the central government to work towards accomplishing his goals successfully. While the New Deal had provided some relief for Americans, many began to oppose it. In one text it stated, “But with no end to the Depression yet in sight, the New Deal gradually found itself the target of fierce public criticism” (Brinkley 669). Despite this setback, Roosevelt had then enforced the Second New Deal which continued to achieve his goal of improving the nation economically and would continue to find ways to alleviate people from the…show more content…
Unlike Roosevelt who had strengthened the power of the central government to carry out his goals, Ronald Reagan had a different approach to accomplishing his visions for America. When first being elected president, his main objectives was to reduce taxes and to rebuild people’s trust in the government by limiting its power (Walsh n.p.). In January of 1981, he created the four-point financial system which quickly benefitted the economy (Meese n.p.). With this new program being enforced, it had tremendously cut income taxes from seventy percent to twenty-eight percent (Bell n.p.). Over the course of the next seven years, Reagan was able to increase America’s economy through these tax cuts and was able to open up twenty million new jobs. Aside from revitalizing the nation’s economy, he believed that rebuilding the trust between the people and their government had been a vital aspect when resolving other critical issues within the nation (“Ronald Reagan: Domestic Affairs” n.p.). To achieve this goal, he worked towards minimizing the size and powers of the central government. Reagan tried to find a balance between the federal and state governments, by making it mandatory for all departments under the central government, to reevaluate the powers of the local administrations before making any crucial
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