The Three Spirits In Jacob Marley's A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is a popular novel during nineteenth century. It was written by CHARLES DICKENS, in December 1843. Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character of the novella, who is a cold hearted man, selfish, and stingy. Scrooge also disliked being with crowd of people. In addition, there are three spirits were mentioned after of Scrooge business partner, Jacob Marley in novel and they come to visit Scrooge in order to change his behavior and become a new person. Those three were the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of the Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The most important spirit was the Ghost of Christmas Future.

The first of the three spirits was the Ghost of Christmas Past appear in purpose to took Scrooge
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These third spirits come to shown Scrooge of mysterious scenes related to an unnamed man’s recent death, which of three business gentleman discussed about the money and the interment. After that, Scrooge begged to the spirits and want to know the dead man. Scrooge found himself in churchyard and shocked after read his own name on the headstone and no one care about his dead. The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come want to show Scrooge that he will be dead alone and no one care about him if he does not change his attitude. Due to the presence of the ghost of Christmas future, Scrooge feel deeply sad, and find out on what he has does during these day is really shameful as well as its effect that will cause him feel regret in future.

In conclusion, all the three ghost are really important to reform Scrooge’s attitude. They try to show him the mistake in the past, present, and how it effect to his future. In my opinion, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is the most important spirits that definitely has the greatest effect which caused Scrooge to find out the effect of his mistake in the future since the ghost show him his isolated graveyard. At the end of the story, Scrooge has been returned to the day of Christmas Eve. Scrooge changed himself to be liberal person and enjoy everything like everyone
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