Non Pulmonary Tuberculosis Research Paper

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The lunges are one of the most important organs in the human body, which are the major part of the respiratory system. Respiratory system is a combination of organs, which help the human to breath. Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious illness that infects the human body, especially the lungs. TB is a contagious disease that spreads among people through the air. Pulmonary TB is the first type of tuberculosis that affects the lungs or throat, and this an infection type can pass to other people. However, non-pulmonary TB is the second type, which infects any part of the human body such as kidneys and bones, and it is not infectious. Tuberculosis has three stages, and every stage has a complicated process that results from the developments of the TB…show more content…
There are many physical effects of TB such as heart disorders. In addition, tuberculosis affects the tissues that surround the heart. Also, joint damage is another serious effect of tuberculosis, and the patients with this effect have many problems in the hips and knees. Moreover, TB has a secondary effect that is related to the treatments. The TB treatments such as drugs stop the spread of TB germs, but the treatments have dangerous side effects, which are permanent. For example, the patient loses the normal color of the skin, so the patents have a jaundice appearance. Moreover, a loss of appetite is another serious effect of the…show more content…
TB has a long notorious history, and it has killed a lot of people around the world. The TB types are pulmonary and non-pulmonary. The two different conditions of TB are latent TB, which is not a dangerous condition, so a person can live with it. The other condition is TB disease that is a serious condition. The most widespread type of TB is pulmonary TB, and this type has three stages. The first stage is the transportation of the germs through the air. After that, the bacteria starts developing in the lungs. The second stage is latent TB, and the person with this stage does not feel sickness and fatigue. However, the third stage is the most serious one because it affects the lungs directly. In addition, the patients with active TB have painful symptoms and maybe cannot survive. the main cause of the tuberculosis disease is the transmission of the bacteria. Moreover, the people who have unhealthy immune systems have a big chance to acquire TB. The Effect of the TB on the body of the patient and the patient's life are so strong and harmful. Also, there are a physical effects, which include heart disorders and joint damage, and there is a side effect on the patient's appearance. Moreover, the social and economic effects lead the patients to many physiological
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