Three Strikes Law Advantages

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For the following CRJ 11 research paper, I will be discussing the three
Strikes laws, the Ewing v. California case as it pertains to the three strikes law.
Next, a few thoughts on the disadvantages and advantages of the Law, I will be also answering the question if the three strike law policies are unfair. I will conclude with thoughts on how mass incarceration can be cost effective on the taxpayers and communities. As well, other alternatives for adjudication which might include using the income on more productive means in the community to lower the crime rate.


California's Three Strikes sentencing law was originally enacted in 1994. The essence of the Three Strikes law was to require a defendant convicted of any new felony,
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There’s advantages and disadvantages to the Three Strike system. First advantage of the three strikes law is that it gives convicted felons a limited number of chances, usually three, in efforts to change them and make them able to live in a civilized society. It gives those people who commit crimes the opportunity to change their ways of living and provide guidance to becoming a civilized person who abide by the laws that are set in the society. Another advantage of the three strikes law is that it helps to fix the criminal justice system so convicted felons who choose to continue committing crime will stay in prison. Most crimes are committed by repeat offenders, one reason this could be is that it is the way of life for most. The streets and committing crimes is all they know and have grown used to. Another advantage is that the law can deter offenders who have already had two felonies from committing another crime. This is where the rehabilitation comes in place. The three strikes law seems to assist with steering offenders away from committing further crimes because following the second conviction there may be a reminder of what will happen if the felon commits another criminal act his or her freedom will be taken away and will receive a prison sentence of a mandatory twenty-five years, or worst, a life sentence. The thought of serving a life sentence may be the reason that some change their lifestyle and stop committing crimes. Theirs also disadvantage to the law first it gives the potential risks of more crimes to being committed. Already convicted felons are given the chance to commit more crimes, even though this is not what the law was intended for but the opportunity is there and present. Civilians are being placed in greater risk of being targeted by the same offenders that rather continue to commit crimes. Murderers are given another chance to murder again,

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