Three Strikes Law Research Paper

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Three Strikes law Three strikes and you 're out! We know this saying from the game of baseball. When playing this game if pitcher misses the ball by the third strike. The pitcher moves off the filled and go to a cell known as the dugout. This resembles the three strike law design for habitual offenders. In other words, criminals who repeat crimes repeatedly. Washington State was the first state to establish the three strike policy. Soon after Washington State California came second State to enforce it. Out of all the states, Washington State is the harshest when it comes down to the three strike law. Here are some comparison of some of the three strike laws in the U.S.A. In Washington policy specifically states that all three strikes must be felonies listed in their legislation. Unlike other states where they practice the two strike Law, Washington is not one of them. Once a felon exceeded their last strike, Washington’s laws requiring a life term without parole. The book states that Washington and California are slightly different. California practice the two strike Law But when a person exceeded the last strike. The convicted felon can spend up to 25 years. That 's a big difference because California does not let…show more content…
Before the three strike law there was a lot of crimes committed on a felony level. But when the three strike law was reinforced the crime level decreased. But who pays for each prison system. That 's right the taxpayers it became expensive now that jails are overpopulated. Although crime has decreased the cost of paying taxes has increased and not affected the taxpayers. The purpose of each model is to control the crime rate. Which it has because each habitual offender would know how much time they 're up against. And it would make them think twice before they commit that crime. Basically the purpose of each model is too scared and set example to whoever tries to commit the
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