Three Themes Of The American Voice

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American Voice is characterized by three themes. One is that Americans are hard workers. The second one is that they are brave no matter what. Last but not least the third theme is that they are grateful. The American Voice is characterized by the theme of hard work. This is demonstrated in I Hear America Singing in line 7 ”The woodcutter’s song, the plowboys on his way in the morning, or at noon intermission or at sundown”. This means that they work all day long even women. The American Voice is also characterized by being brave. This was found in the Speech Give me Liberty or Give me Death in paragraph 5 which states They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. This means that no matter what people tell them they are brave enough to face their battle.…show more content…
In Obama’s speech in paragraph 5 he states “I stand here today, grateful for the diversity of my heritage. This means that he is proud also for having his two precious daughters and his parents will live on through the both of them. In conclusion, American voice is characterized by the three themes of hard work, brave and grateful. They all put in most of their day by working hard non stop even while they are being disrespected. They are also brave to stand up for what they believe and are grateful for all they
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