Three Things I Love About Living In Japan Essay

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My early years teaching English in Japan were fantastic. It was a magical time to be in Japan. My first job was great. And, my various adventures in and around Japan were even better. I created memories that will last a lifetime. In fact, while my job changed, I still live in Japan 12 years later. And, I am most happy that I do.

Three Things I Love About Living In Japan

Going To The Takarazuka Revue

I took a bus tour trip to Takarazuka, home of the all-girls Takarazuka theater troupe. I saw the play “Elisabeth.” Women play both the male and female roles. The young actresses go to the local college for two years.

After completing the program, the women are hired by the troupe for a seven-year tour of duty. The revue started in 1913, and
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This growing gap in our ages does sometimes present a few issues. These days I am careful to keep my distance from most of them. But, that too can make a person feel even more isolated in Japan.

Threatening Cellphone Messages

A strange message came to my cell phone. I translated it on the internet. The text came out as, “We are coming for you. You did not pay. You hurt our feelings for being so cruel to our company. We hope you can live with the shame.”

A Japanese English teacher looked at the message. She said it was a scam to get people to send money to a fake company. If you reply, they are free to charge you a large fee. I deleted the message. But, it was a scary experience for me.

Losing Mail

I got married in Japan. I had a DVD made for the wedding ceremony. The company I hired wanted photos from my childhood. So, my mother put a few old photographs into the mail. Two weeks passed, and the pictures had not arrived.

A day later I found them crammed in my mailbox. There was a note attached from the Japanese post office. It read, “We sent your pictures to Turkey. We are very sorry. Please forgive us.” Unfortunately, it would not be the last time that my mail got
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