Three Trial For Murder Analysis

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The article Three Trials for Murder by Nicholas Schmidle sheds light on the constitutional right of double jeopardy and questions whether the “military sidestep double jeopardy”? Schmide focuses on the case of Tim Hennis, which many consider being “extraordinary” since legal scholars view U.C. M. J actions to prosecute a military member for crimes committed outside the army as “problematic”. Furthermore, it questions whether Hennis’ rights were violated when he is prosecuted for a third time, after being convicted and acquitted for the same crime. Schmidle article gives specific inside of all three of Hennis trials, and ultimately leaves the readers to decide if the action of the U.C.M.J violated military jurisdiction and the double jeopardy clause.…show more content…
The officers also found baby Jana the only survivor crying in her crib. A man names Patrick Cone a neighbor of Eastbum informed investigators he saw tall white man with a cap and jacket with the logo “Members Only” leaving the Eastbum driveway in a white Chevette. When Tim Hennis viewed the news broadcast with the investigators announcing describing the man, he noticed the woman who was murder was the same woman he picked up an English setter days before. At this point Hennis became the prime suspect of the murder of Katie and her two daughters. The investigators took a look a Hennis and knew they need to speak with him. Hennis cooperated with the investigators and provided blood, saliva, hair samples and fingerprint and palm prints. They also had Cone come in to identify Hennis, and he was able to pick him out of a police line

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