Three Types Of Authority In Society

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In the world, there are many countries and nationalities. Almost every people totally or party belong to a certain organization which can be a school, a company or a factory. Even some people do not live belong to those small organizations, but they still live in a society. As a result, every people are the member of a society. Each country has different kind of authority in their society. Moreover, authority is a basic component in the structure of social life. Therefore, authority is more or less effective in any human interaction and functional in a spectrum from a small group of individuals to a whole population of a society. According to German sociologist Max Weber, there are three types of authority such as traditional authority, rational-legal authority and charismatic authority. Side by side, different forms of authority transfer power in different way. Traditional authority is legitimated by the sanctity of tradition, charismatic…show more content…
Rational-legal authority is a from of leadership in which the authority has chosen through the election according to the set of rules. Moreover, people who want to be the candidates, they must have a good family background, a high abilities on social skilled, a high knowledge, a well understanding of laws and rules and ability to develop the country. Therefore, most of candidates are the qualified and intelligent people. With rational-legal authority, people will have a qualified leader to control, to improve and to develop the whole country as well as increase the economics in that country too. Furthermore, a qualified leader also could help and create a good environment for the people, provide vision and a good direction, bring clarity by understanding the people in the country and give us confidence which we can believe and trust on. Consequently, rational-legal authority is a qualified leader which could help the people and also improve the country as
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