Three Types Of Bribery

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Issue: Bribery
Bribery is a kind of acceptance of anything of value in exchange for influence on a government or public official or employee. Bribery requires two parties, the person who offering the bribe and the person that accepting the bribe. Bribery can category in three types that is active bribery, passive bribery and facilitation payment. Active bribery is the person who promises to gives the bribe commits the offense while passive bribery is offense committed by the official who receives the bribes. Facilitation payments are made retain business or other improper rewards. The forms of bribes are gifts or payments of money in exchange for favorable treatment, privileges, various goods, property, services and favors. The bribery can
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(Kathleen Thompson and Charlotte Medina 2012). In others word, bribery is a shortcut ways to achieve success in a business. Bribery can be seen to encourage some level of effectiveness and help reduce the rate of bureaucratic bottlenecks especially among government officials whereby paperwork is rushed as a result of a bribe being paid or delayed as a result of a bribe not being paid. Bribe income also helps to attract qualified applicants to low paying jobs like position of police, customs, tax office and immigration. To a certain situation this will help reduce the unemployment rate in some countries. Additionally, corruption can help presenting to internal stability by creating or sustaining patronage networks and as an excitation for opposition movements to involve in the economic and political…show more content…
Bribery kills the moral fabric of the society and causes confusion on the business ethics and reputation of a company that is caught in the act. This can result in loss of confidence in the company by members of the public and can also lead to loss of business investment. Waste of resources happen when the resources of the organization are used to achieve better things will be spent on trying to secure business benefits by paying bribes. Bribery may not produce the potential people and the person not necessarily the most qualified person for the job. It will lead to perform poorly in organization if not paying bribes. It also will destroy reputation and affect the investment climate of the companies. Additionally, bribery will bring influences in economic, political and income and social

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