Three Types Of Communication

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2.3 Types of communication
It is a fact that, everyone needs communication skills. Your success in this world depends on our ability to communicate effectively. So, there is a must to learn communication skills. As a first step, we must identify the different kinds of communication. There are six types of communication that we often use.
The first type of communication is intrapersonal communication. Intrapersonal communication is the act of communicating within you. It also can be said as a communication that within yourself. In 2008, Pearson et al., defined intrapersonal communication as the process of using messages to generate meaning within the self. Intrapersonal communication is the communication that occurs within your own mind. You
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Interpersonal communication is a communication transaction which involves two or more people. Pearson et al. (2008), Interpersonal communication is the process of using messages to generate meaning between two or people in a situation that allows mutual opportunities for both speaking and listening. Zueschner (2003) states that, interpersonal communication encompasses much of our communication and includes the rich interaction that takes place in the socially meaningful pair. We also can define interpersonal communication as an interaction between individuals in a personal relationship. Interpersonal communication exists on a continuum from impersonal to highly personal (Wood, 2004). Interpersonal communication skill is one of the major communication skills that we should posses to communicate with others. There are some research indicates that communication is the lifeblood of close friendships and romantic relationship (Wood,…show more content…
Relationship is a kind of connection established when we communicate with others. Relationships can be classified as something complicated. Nowadays, lots of people are facing relationship problems. This is the main reason, which will lead to divorce at the end. Even though, we can’t avoid family problem, we can still make our relationships harmonious by using interpersonal communication skills because it teaches us the ways to overcome problems. Through family relationships we will automatically learn the ways to interact with others in our daily life. So, each of us must enable the skills to communicate well with our family members and our loved ones in order to improve personal relationship with them. Besides that, by having a good relationship with our loved one, we can live
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