Three Types Of Conflict

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Conflict is an important part in a story. You can’t write a story without conflicts “Early definitions of conflict had focused on a wide variety of different phenomena “(Kenneth w. Tomas ; conflict and conflict management. 1992 USA) Conflict is an inherent incompatibility between the objectives of two or more characters or forces. Conflict creates tension and interest in a story by adding doubt as to the outcome. Here, conflict will divide in three stories in three types. Man vs. man, Man vs. society, Man vs. nature in this stories: After 20 years, the scarlet ibis, and A letter from Gazza.
First, After Twenty Years
Author: O Henry
Inner conflict:
The protagonist and antagonist is between two friends and they are really respect each other
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One is an officer, the other is a criminal. The main conflict is in the police officer. He promised to meet his old friend twenty years earlier, and he was there. It was a testament to their friendship that both men were there. But he realized when the man lit the match that his old friend was a criminal who was wanted in Chicago. He is a police officer. I think the main conflict is that between the friendship of Jimmy Wells, a police officer, and Bob, a criminal.

-Man vs. Society
You can say there is a conflict between man and society because the society asks the officer to catch the criminals which his friend is one of them. If the officer let his friend leave there will a problem between society and him. So the officer should take the right decision and don’t lose the society and also don’t lose his best friend. So, if you had a a friend and he is the best friend to you, he became a criminal, what should you do if you an officer? I think I would do the same what Bob and Jimmy did.
Finally, I think the officer found the true choice to choose and don’t catch his friend but let another one catch him because the law is above the friendship, although of that he still respects his best friend but the law is the
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The story is also available in Elements of Literature;
The scarlet ibis is a good story which has a lot of meanings. It is a really fantastic story. It is about the love between brothers. To me, it is a beautiful story because I have five brothers and I feel this story is talking about something I live with it. The conflict is an important part in this story.
Inner conflict
The story is very deep and has a lot of meanings. The conflict here is in many sides. There is conflict between brothers and conflict between the protagonist with himself and also conflict between society and man. The brother hates his brother doodle. He wants from his handicapped brother to be a normal man because he got the shame for his brother.
Outer conflict
Man vs. man
The conflict here is between doodle and his brother. Doodle is a handicap boy who can’t do some things like running fast, talking fast, read quickly, and other things. So, Doodle conflict with his brother. His brother tells Doodle; I feel shame from you. He hates his brother because of something that Doodle has nothing to do with it. Because he is sick, he doesn’t comfortable with his brother, he want to behave cruelly with his
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