Are Hackers Good For Society

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Information about hackers: There are 3 Types of hackers; White hat hackers aka ethical hackers, black hat hackers, and gray hat hackers. All these hat hackers, they are all really talented hackers but they all have different intents. The first type of hacker is the “good guy” hacker, this type of hacker is a called white hat hacker. These hackers hack to see any bugs and security holes and report it to the government.they also help the government with foiling heists etc. The second type of hackers are the “bad guys” of the hacking world they are called black hats. Black hats are the people who do crimes online for example hacking into a bank or hacking into someone's private network. Their intents are the opposite of the white hat hackers.…show more content…
They play a huge roll in the technology industry making our computers for us. The Second Reason why Hackers are good for society is that They are the best Coders. For example they can find out the worlds hardest codes to crack and help the police for their investigations. The third and final reason why hackers are good for society is that they are so call “Vocal Critics” What that means is that they can hack in to unprotected companies, stores, etc and help them by finding out what's wrong with the systems what wrong with the program…show more content…
When i say technology i mean the technology that we normally use in our lives like cell phones, computers (PC’s), machines etc. You may say it doesn't really matter if they helped make our technology we have plenty of people to build it instead of hackers.., but the thing is that they when they help make our computers they make it safe, for example virus blockers or they build things to prevent getting hacked from other hackers (most likely black hat hackers) This is good for society because it makes us a lot safer and secure. They also make the technology much worth more getting because nothing bad would happen to the computer from any digital accidents like viruses or getting hacked. For example if you bought a technology piece with no help from hackers to build it it would probably get a virus really soon or something would happen to it and you don't have protection so you would have to go to maintenance or somewhere where they fix computers and you would have to pay a lot of money to get it fixed. That's why it is good to have hackers help make our technology. They also makes the computers more durable over time and by that I mean instead of buying a normal computer that will be very slow in the future you can buy a computer that was made by hafker and that computer will still be in very good condition in the

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