Three Types Of Human Memory

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Types of Human Memory
Human is very complex being who has superior intelligence, the ability to articulate speech and has emotions. These incredible abilities come from the human brain which makes human more special and different from animals or any other creatures in this world. The brain controls and is responsible for human’s thoughts, body movement and feelings, as well as the memory. Human memory is the processes which involve in retaining; retrieving and using information about stimuli, images, events, ideas and skills after the original information is no longer present. There are three types of memory which can be divided as sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory (refers to Figure 1 in the Appendix). The first type
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Wingfield and Byrnes (1980) also stated that sensory memory is the ability to retain sensory information, even for a very brief duration allows human some additional time to interpret this information into some more enduring forms. Everything that a human see, hear and feel, is briefly represented by sensory brain areas. A sensory memory is a memory with high capacity and absorbs all or most of the information which retrieves from any one of the sensory receptors but for only a little time. Then, it immediately conveys the information to the short-term memory before it turns into memory decay. Sensory memory is made up of three components which are the iconic memory, echoic memory, and haptic memory. Iconic memory allows human to visualize the things or event that they had seen before for a short time but not very detailing.…show more content…
Life is all about memory and long-term memory is the system which is used for storing information for a long period of time. The information of past events and knowledge that human has learnt in lifetime will be stored in humans’ long-term memory. There are two types of long-term memory which are explicit memory and implicit memory. Explicit memory is also call as conscious memory or declarative memory. In addition, there are two types of explicit memory which are episodic memory and semantic memory. Tulving proposes that there are differences between the episodic, semantic and procedural memory. Episodic memory is the memory for personal events that memorable to human. While semantic memory is the memory for facts and knowledge that human has learned before. For example, a man remembers his mother birthday is on 16th of September is an episodic memory because it is a memorable date for him. Another example, a student knows one minute has sixty seconds is a semantic memory because this is a basic knowledge that have to
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