Three Types Of Offender Profiling

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Profiling is a method used by suggesting the offender’s personality and help to also determine the demographic characteristics of the suspect. When using the offender profile the officer or investigator must understand that this will not solve crimes. Profiling can also be used as a tool by investigators to help guide with what direction that the investigation may tend to go in (Hector, 2016). When using any type of information that may help to create information in profiling the investigator can look at how detailed the knot is tied. Also looking at what shape the victims clothes are in and making note to whether the clothes are torn, cut off and if the offender used any type of tools during the crime can also help in the profiling of the offender (Hector, 2016).…show more content…
One of the rapists that are identified is the organized criminal, he tends to want and establish control over the victim to eventually to gain control and ultimately get what he wants in return. The second type of offender is the aggressive offender; he tends to use his anger on the victim by violence and usually will leave the victim with wounds. The last type of offender is the offender that wants to develop a relationship with the victim and then will imagine that there is some type of relationship with the victim. This type of offender is very dangerous due to the fact that he may see her as a dangerous object and will want to tie her up to coerce her in any way that he can (Hector,
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