Three Views Of Mass Communication

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The definition of ‘mass communication’ is varied among people. But according to Turrow (2011), “it is the industrialized production of multiple distributions of messages through technological devices”. But from an average person’s perspective, mass communication is simply related to media, which is why according to Chaffee and Metzger, some suggested the word ‘mass’ in ‘mass communication’ should be replaced with ‘media’. In my own opinion, this should not be changed because if simply defined, ‘mass communication’ means communicating with the mass. Is it not the main goal of this field? To reach out and give information to the audience? Media is only the channel or pathway of information. There are three views of Mass Communication: a set…show more content…
Compared to decades ago, the reliable sources of news were newspapers, the television, or the radio. But today, tons of new media platforms can inform us about what is happening – real time – in our society. The best example of it is the Internet, which could be used by anyone today. The internet was designed to be decentralized, meaning that control is distributed to all users who have relatively equal opportunity to contribute content (Chaffee and Metzger, 2001). It is why people today are powerful enough just by using their fingertips. Although it is good that anyone could voice out their opinions because of the new media, it is also a becoming a social problem because of the uncontrolled content of what users distribute. Chaffee and Metzger also made a good point that in the near future, the issue may be less about what media companies are doing to people and more about what people are doing with the media (Chaffee and Metzger, 2001). The tables are turned this time and because of this, an individual becomes entitled to his own opinion now, and does not rely to the traditional media but also with the new…show more content…
On the subject of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, Chaffee and Metzger stated that “the real problem for anyone producing content in the new media environment will be fighting out how to capture people’s attention amid the plethora of competing options.” This statement is true because well-known media companies, although showing the same content, need to come up with new ideas or twists to add flare in a worn-out plot, or else it would flop. In conclusion, as communicators, it is our job and responsibility to give our audience the right information. It is also our job to educate them, in order for them to be well-rounded citizens. Media has a great influence in this world, thus, we should do everything in order for us to be role models. Let us not forget to apply our principles and study our theories well because our modern society now is fast-paced, and therefore we should also be able to cope up with this kind of

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