Three Ways In Which Information System Are Transforming Business Essay

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1. Three ways in which information system are transforming business are:

i. Transformation of Industrial Economies
Despite the fact that leading companies achieve competitive advantage through investments in information technology, some are indeed negatively affected by this trend. In today’s world, customers have other preferences, hence, old landline communications companies have lessen its customers; travel agencies have reduced over-the-counter sales; and entertainment industries. However, despite of these, technology convergence arises in many ways. Information technology has broken down boundaries and business relationships while new products and services are introduced. For example, telecommunications network are offering its subscribers with landline telephones merged with Internet
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The fastest and biggest change in modern computing is the Internet. To say that the Internet is transforming the way people live, work and play is probably the greatest understatement in years. Businesses can now create new opportunities, but they can also lose opportunities just as quickly. Although, an organization have to design new systems or transform old ones, with not just the company in mind, but 100 million other users of the internet, extranets and intranets. They also have to decide how much or how little information to provide, in what way, with what level of access, and how best to present it. Additionally, the World Wide Web allows big companies to act “small,” and small companies to act “big.” It has levelled the playing field so that entrepreneurs can break into new markets that were previously closed to them. A Web site, consisting of a few pages or hundreds of pages, enables businesses to get close and stay close to their customers in new ways. It is truly a revolution in for the global

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