Three Ways Informatics Improve Patient Safety

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Alyssa Habner
Assignment 3-1
Gary Mahon

How does informatics improve patient safety?

Three ways informatics increases patient safety: 1.) recognizing complications and offering evidence-based answers with their associated documents, 2.) By integrating precise evidence based and life-saving procedures, and 3.) the combination of new ethics and high levels of care.

Describe three specific examples using the web as well as the textbook to illustrate the connection.

In support of the first example, the International Steering Committee of the Centre agreed: Look-alike and sound-alike medication names, patient credentials, communication during patient handover, correct procedure and body site, electrolyte solution concentration management, medication precision, catheter and tubing misconnections, needle reuse and vaccination tool safety, and hand sanitation are all areas the need to be put under scrutiny and examined to catch complications and create new methods to ensure safety.

Assisting the second statement, the addition of interventions such as advanced “rapid response” teams called at the first sign of patient decline, evidence-based care for critical myocardial infection, prescription reconciliation as means to avert unfavorable drug interactions, steps to avoid central-line contamination, defensive use of preoperative antibiotics to
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