Three Weeks Song Analysis

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The songs Three weeks by Marco Antonio Solis and I talk to her everyday by Los Tigres del Norte are both songs that try to give out the message about how their moms suffer when their sons grow up and forget about them for many different factors. For example: college, getting married, work, taking friends in priority, get addicted to drugs, etc; and when we finally start to worry, change, and try to talk to their mothers again it is too late because their mothers die of loneliness and absence of them their children. The song Three weeks is about a mother who raises her son to be a very strong independent man and when he grows up to leave to college he forgets about how much his mother had done for him. He would never call or visit his mom. His mom would alway go to church and pray for him…show more content…
In this song the son talks about how not a single day he stops feeling regret of not spending as much time with his mother before she died. During the song he talks to a friend he has about how special a mother is and that for the love of god to always take your mom as top priority in every decision you make in your life. This man who is singing the song talks about how because of work and responsibilities he had forgotten to pass mother to son time. When he started to hang out more with his mother after a long time he realized how much he had missed out. He noticed that his mother was struggling and getting sick.There was times when his mother would call him and she would confuse him with his father who had passed away.When he finally tried to help her out and spend more time with her he realized how much he had missed out. When he was barely starting to change and have a very close bond with his mom she dies of sickness. The man in the song addresses how important a mother is “A wife is milled gold, a son is a diamond, and a mother is the land where those treasures are
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