Through Our Eyes Perspectives And Reflections From Black Teachers Summary

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The article written by Ashley Griffin and Hilary Tackie “Through Our Eyes: Perspectives and Reflections From Black Teachers” divulges a seldom insight at the roles and responsibilities Black teachers in America take-on in our current education system. It raises an important question about what can be done to attract more teachers of color to get into the education field, but more importantly what can be done to reduce the burden and stress held by Black teachers trying to relieve the plight of black students struggling in our schools. Having the ability to connect through shared similar experiences in their own lives is one of the most beneficial characteristics Black teachers have with their students. The article points to Black teachers having cultural similarities as well that can build an immediate feeling of trust and for black students to feel safe. Furthermore, they convey a sense of familiarity for those students which transpires as additional responsibilities for Black teachers to take on at their work where other teachers may not feel they can fulfill in the same way. Mentioned in the article was also the fact that many Black teachers understand the hardships Black students face and showed empathy but also held…show more content…
Many Black teachers researched in the article expressed that they felt as “subpar educators”, which is very unfortunate. This perception gave many the idea that they could only teach Black students and that they lacked the ability to teach all students. Another common experiences among Black teachers was having to reassure parents, and even students about their validity to make certain decisions. Furthermore, as a way to prove their worth, some Black teacher had to name schools where they completed their education, which is something unnecessary and quite certainly does not happen with teachers who are not of
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